How to Unlock a Samsung Galaxy with a Gmail Account

by Melissa King
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Samsung Galaxy smartphones feature several ways to lock your device, including a numeric PIN, password or lock pattern. Securing your Galaxy phone helps protect against data loss or unauthorized use. Sometimes, though, you might forget your own lock pattern. If this happens, you can bypass the lock by signing in to your Google account. You then have the option to create a new lock pattern and erase the one you've forgotten.

Step 1

Power on your Samsung Galaxy phone. If the phone is locked, you'll see the lock pattern screen.

Step 2

Enter an incorrect pattern consisting of four or more points. At the prompt, tap "Try Again."

Step 3

Enter the incorrect pattern four more times, and then tap "Forgot Pattern?"

Step 4

Tap "Enter Google Account Details," and then tap "Next."

Step 5

Enter your Google Gmail address and password. Tap "Next."

Step 6

Draw a new unlock pattern. Your pattern must have four or more points. When you're done, tap "Continue."

Step 7

Draw the pattern a second time, and then tap "Confirm."

Enter a four-digit backup PIN, and then tap "Continue." Enter the PIN again and touch "OK."


  • These instructions will work only if you've set a lock pattern; you can't use your Google account to bypass a password or PIN. If you forget your PIN or password, you will need to perform a hard reset on the phone. This process varies depending on your phone's model. You can also try an app, such as Screen Lock Bypass Reset. Some apps may not be compatible with your device, though, so read the app's description carefully before you buy.


  • If you remember your PIN, you can use it to bypass your lock pattern instead of your Google account.
  • If you forget your Google account information, go to the Google Account Recovery page to reset it (link in Resources).


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