How to Unlock Razr V3 for Free

By Patrice D. Wimbush

A locked Motorola Razr V3 operates only on a particular carrier network. You must complete an unlock procedure, if you want to switch carriers and keep your V3. Your V3 will recognize SIM cards from any GSM carrier once unlocked. Unlocking requires an IMEI number, non-accepted SIM card and an unlock code. A non-accepted SIM card is a SIM card from a network other than your current network. Your new carrier provides a SIM card when you change service. Some carriers, such as AT&T and T-Mobile, provide free unlock codes to customers with active and current accounts with no delinquent fees.

Step 1

Contact your new carrier and request a SIM card. If you are not switching carriers, you must purchase a SIM card from a vendor, such as Mobal ( or T-Mobile (

Step 2

Obtain your IMEI number by typing "*#06#" using your phone keypad.

Step 3

Contact your old provider and supply your IMEI number to obtain an unlock code for the Razr V3.

Step 4

Push the battery-cover latch and detach the door. Slide the old SIM card from the SIM card compartment. Insert the non-accepted SIM card into the SIM card compartment.

Step 5

Turn on your Razr V3. "Enter Special or Subsidy Code" will appear on the display screen. Enter the unlock code to unlock your phone.