How to Unlock the Proxy Server Blocked Sites

by Herman Cruz
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A proxy server is utilized by a network administrator to block websites that could hurt the network's overall efficiency, as well as websites that are considered unsuitable due to their content or features. Generally, a proxy server is set up with the use of Internet filtering software; however, it is common for harmless websites to also become inaccessible when a proxy server is established. Fortunately, you can use a proxy website to unlock the proxy server-blocked sites.

Step 1

Unlock the proxy server blocked websites using Unblock Proxy Site. This free proxy service website will help you bypass any type of filters stemming from the proxy server settings in your network while keeping your identity protected. Popular websites you can access through this proxy site include social networking destinations like MySpace, Bebo, Youtube and Facebook, plus when you use the Unblock Proxy Site's user friendly interface, all your browsing activity is disguised for your protection. To access any blocked websites through this proxy site, type the URL of the page you want to unlock in the text field located within the bar being displayed on the center of the page, next to where it says "Address:" and click the "Go" tab to access the previously locked site.

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Visit the Unblocked Proxy website to unlock any sites being blocked by the proxy server settings on your network. This proxy site delivers an anonymous, secure and free service all day every day to its users, unlocking websites like Orkut, Friendster, Bebo and Facebook, plus any other site you want to unlock. Unblocked Proxy also allows you to subscribe to the service via email so you can receive weekly updates on new proxy sites. To unlock sites through this service, enter the Web address of the page you want to visit in the text box located on the top of the page, below the title that reads "Enter the URL Address:" and click the "Go" tab to be redirected to the site that was being locked.

Browse to the Edilly Proxy site to unlock any websites being restricted by the proxy server on your network. This website is a viable solution for any type of unlocking needs, plus its free service provides anonymity and privacy. With this proxy site you can access a wide variety of websites ranging from gaming and social networking sites to blogs, chat, video and file sharing Web pages. You can unlock any sites with Edilly Proxy by simply typing the URL you want to unlock in the text box displayed below the two video screens and clicking the "Go" tab. Edilly Proxy also features a menu titled "More Sites" which is located on the upper, left side of the screen. On this menu you will find a list of proxies you can also use to unlock websites being locked by a proxy server.


  • You can find more proxy websites to unlock proxy server settings by visiting websites that display lists of proxies such as TopBits and Free Web Proxy List.


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