How to Unlock a Protected WMV File

By Tiffany Ross

A protected WMV file is unlocked using a conversion program.
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Protected files are padlocked against unregistered users. Unlocking protected WMV files allows you to convert the file to a portable device or for viewing on your PC. Unlocking copyrighted material that is intended for purchase may have legal consequences. Check the copyright on the WMV file before converting it into an unprotected video.

Tunebite Platinum (see reference 1)

Download Tunebite. Visit and select the red download button at the top the window. Your download will begin automatically. Allow your computer to install and open the program. Pop-up blockers and advanced security settings may need to be disabled during the installation process.

Upload the protected WMV file, or files, to the Tunebite program. The files will appear in a list in Tunebite's open window. Select WMV as the conversion file of choice under "Convert Video File To".

Click the "Shutdown When Finished" button at the bottom of the window. The program will begin converting, this takes time to complete. When Tunebite completes its conversion your file will be converted from a protected WMV file to an unprotected WMV file and the Tunebite program will shut down.

Daniusoft DRM Converter (see reference 2)

Download Daniusoft DRM Converter at DRM, or Digital Rights Management. Protected WMV files are converted to an unprotected WMV files using similar methods used in above section.

Add the protected WMV file to the DRM Conversion program. The file will appear in the DRM converter window.

Choose WMV as your desired output file type and press "start". The program will notify you when your file is completed.