How to Unlock a Phone PUK

By Karen Lovell

All cell phones have a PUK code held by your service provider
i cell phone in close up image by Alexey Klementiev from

Every cell phone has a PUK code specific to the SIM card and is needed when either the SIM is locked or you wish to change providers. The SIM locks if an incorrect PIN number has been entered three times or if the phone has been reported lost or stolen and the only calls it will make are emergency calls. The PUK code ensures that only the person who owns the phone will be able to use it.

Call or email your provider and get in touch with the customer service department. If you have an online account with your provider, you can go into "my account" on the home page and follow instructions.

Know your security details. Your service provider will need to confirm that you are the account holder for your telephone number, so make sure you know your password and/or answers to your security questions.

Turn your phone on.

Enter the new code given to you by your service provider.

Your phone PUK is now unlocked.