How to Unlock a Phone That Freezes

by LaoA

Phones that freeze show various messages on their screens such as "Return for Service." When your phone ceases to function because of a freeze, you do not have the ability to receive or make calls, use your mobile browser or even send text messages. Your phone may freeze for several reasons such as entering the unlock code instead of the unfreeze code on your mobile device, or putting in a faulty unlock code. However, if you know how to obtain the proper unfreeze code, you can easily unfreeze it.

Go to an online provider of unfreeze codes such as Unlock Phone Samsung, Samsung Mobile Unlocking or Mobile Codez .

Purchase or download an unlock code for your cell phone. This enables you to receive the code you need to unfreeze your phone; the unfreeze code comes with your unlock code.

Type your unfreeze code directly on your phone.

Push the "OK" button. Wait to see if your cell phone shows an unfreeze message. Type in the unlock code that comes along with your unfreeze code to regain the ability to use your mobile device to place and receive calls.


  • close Depending on the model of cell phone you have, you may have to contact your cell phone provider directly if the unfreeze code does not work.

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