How to Unlock a PC's DVD Player

By Marshal M. Rosenthal

The DVD player in a PC is restricted to playing commercial DVDs made for the same "Region" (or country) where the PC is being used. Unlock a PC's DVD player so that it can play a DVD regardless of which region it was created for. The modification requires the use of a software program created by a PC enthusiast--there is no cost--and you will not have to physically disassemble either the DVD player or the PC.

Download a DVD player modification program to the desktop, for example the free Remote Selector program (see Resources). Double-click the file once downloaded and follow the menu commands to install it on the hard drive. Restart the PC after the installation is completed.

Select the DVD player modification program from the "Start," "All Applications" pop-up menu. Wait momentarily as the program launches.

Select "None, player only" from the "Decoder" drop-down menu at the top of the program's window. Select the DVD player from the "Player" drop-down menu below "Decoder."

Click the "Program" tab beneath "Player." Check the "Run at WIndows startup" checkbox in the middle of the window. Check the "Start minimized" checkbox.

Click the "Video" tab across from "Program." Check the "All Regions" checkbox in the middle of the window. Quit the program. Restart the PC to make the functions active so that any regional DVD can be played since the PC's DVD player is now unlocked.