How to Unlock a Password Protected PDF File

by Quinn Marshall

PDF files can be protected with passwords or can have certain features, such as printing, disabled to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing the information contained in the file. There are many types of PDF files that may be encrypted or protected: business documents, tax files, personal contacts and more. If you need to print a protected PDF file that has had the printing authority disabled, there are numerous PDF unlocking programs available online to enable to remove the limitation.


Download a PDF unlocking application and install it onto your laptop or desktop, or locate an online PDF unlocking service. Many freeware applications and free online services are available online, including PDF Unlocker, Ensode's PDF Crack and


Add your file to the PDF restriction removal application or service by clicking the "Browse" or "Upload PDF" button. Select your protected PDF file, then click "Open."


Click the "Convert" or "Unlock" button. The application or service will automatically unlock the PDF file and then will either save the unprotected version to the same folder the protected version is located or will prompt you to save the file. If prompted, choose a save location in the prompt box, then select "Save."


Double-click the new PDF file to open it with the PDF software installed on your computer. Click "File," then "Print" and select the printer you want to print with from the list. Check the settings for paper orientation and size to ensure that it matches your paper, then click "Print."


  • close Do not unlock PDF files you do not own or have permission to access.

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