How to Unlock a Nokia 1661-2B

By Maya Austen

The Nokia 1661-2B is a GSM-based cellphone. GSM cellphones rely on SIM card technology to connect to specific wireless network carriers. When a phone is "locked" it means that the phone can only be used with one particular network carrier, such as T-Mobile. Unlocking a Nokia 1661-2B allows you to use the phone with any GSM network carrier. Unlocking the phone involves obtaining the unique SIM unlock code for the Nokia 1661-2B you own, and inputting the code into the phone.

Step 1

Turn on the Nokia 1661-2B.

Step 2

Enter *#06# on the phone's number pad. The phone's 15-digit IMEI number should appear on the display. Write down this number.

Step 3

Turn off the phone. Slide off the phone's battery cover, and lift out the phone's battery. There's a label inside the phone's battery compartment which also lists the phone's IMEI number. Compare this number to the IMEI number you wrote down. It's important that this number is recorded correctly in order to obtain the proper SIM unlock code for your phone.

Step 4

Press the release spring located at the base of the SIM card slot. (The phone's SIM card slot is a sub-compartment located within the phone's battery compartment.) Slide out the currently installed SIM card.

Step 5

Reinsert the phone's battery. Place the battery cover back on.

Step 6

Contact your current network carrier's customer service department. Ask the customer service representative about obtaining the SIM unlock code for your phone. If certain customer requirements are met some GSM network providers will provide you with the SIM unlock code for a phone locked to their network at no charge. If it is not possible to obtain the SIM unlock code for your phone via its current network carrier, purchase the code from one of the commercial SIM unlock services offered in the Resources.

Step 7

Turn on the Nokia 1661-2B.

Step 8

Use the phone's number pad to enter #PW+Unlock Code+1#. To make the letter "P" appear, press the "" button quickly three times. To make the letter "W" appear, press the * button quickly four times. To make the "+" sign appear, press the "" button quickly two times. In the place of "Unlock Code" enter the unlock code you obtained from the phone's network carrier or from the SIM unlock service. If the correct unlock code was properly entered "SIM Restriction Off" should appear on the phone's display indicating that the phone is now unlocked.