How to Unlock a Nextar GPS

By WayneC

If you wish to unlock your Nextar GPS unit, you can hook it up to a Windows computer. By hooking your GPS unit to a Windows computer with a USB cable, you can access the Windows Mobile Device Center, which is key to unlocking the GPS. Therefore, if you do not already have the Mobile Device Center installed on your computer, your first step is going to be to download and install it.

Download and install Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 if you do not already have it on your computer.

Turn the Nextar GPS device on and wait for it to fully boot. Hook it up to your computer's USB drive via a USB cable.

The Mobile Device Center should open automatically. Select the "Connect without setting up your device" option and choose "File Management." Select "Browse the contents of your device."

Select "Flash Storage" and find and open "AUTORUN.INF."

Delete all the contents of AUTORUN.INF and replace it with "navigation = \Windows\explorer.exe."

Save this to your computer's Desktop or another easily accessible location. Find the file and drag it in to "Flash_Storage" and wait for Windows to overwrite the existing file. The GPS is unlocked.