How to Unlock a NET10 GSM Phone

By Kenyonda Bradley

Unlock a NET10 GSM Phone
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NET10 is a prepaid wireless carrier that allows users to use GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) phones with their prepaid plan. If you own a NET10 GSM phone, you can remove the network lock originally placed on the device by NET10 with an unlock code. Once the network lock is removed, you can use the device with any wireless carrier that activates GSM phones. You can obtain the unlock code for your device by contacting NET10.

Dial "*#06#" from your NET10 GSM phone and wait for the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) number to appear. Write this number down.

Dial "611" from your mobile phone and follow the prompts to speak with a NET10 operator.

Ask the representative to provide you with the unlock code for your device. Provide the representative with the IMEI number for your GSM phone. Wait for the representative to generate the code. Write the code down and disconnect the call.

Turn off your GSM mobile phone and remove the battery. Locate the SIM card slot.

Remove the existing SIM card from the slot. On some NET10 GSM phones, you may need to insert a SIM card from another carrier into the device. The SIM card does not have to be active.

Reinsert the battery and snap the battery compartment door back on, then turn on your mobile phone.

Disregard any message that may appear on your screen, unless it says to enter the "Special" code.

Enter the unlock code into your device in the same manner that it was given to you by the operator. Wait for your device to notify you that the SIM restriction is off or reboot. These are both indications that the phone is unlocked.