How to Unlock Navman Maps

By Dan Harkins

Unlock Navman Maps
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Navman makes a variety of GPS navigation devices for the car, boat or off the trail--or all three. Sometimes, for a handful of reasons, your Navman's base maps may become faulty or dated, or may freeze up completely. Other times, you may wish to unlock complementary maps on your Navman to travel outside the country where the device was purchased or to fine-tune your regional maps. This latter option will cost you upwards of $29.99, as of November 2010.

Open the door for your Navman's SD card slot, usually on the side of the device. Push in on the SD card. It should pop out. If it is unseated, this may have created problems with your device's operations.

Clean the SD card slot with a quick spurt of compressed air. Wipe any dust or residue from the card.

Reinsert the SD card into its slot until fully seated, then close the door.

Turn on the device and connect it, via your USB connector, to your Internet-ready computer. Turn on the computer too, and log in to your desktop.

Navigate to the Navman Software Updates page (see Resources section), which includes a complete listing of software upgrades for each Navman series of models.

Click on "Download Software Upgrade" in the section that describes the software upgrade for your particular model.

Select "Save File" and "OK" to save your file to a convenient location on your computer.

Double-click on the file after it's fully downloaded. Click on "Run" and follow the prompts on screen to load the new software upgrade to your Navman device. If you were having problems with your SD card or base map, this should have unlocked those features. If not, contact Navman U.S. support at 714-204-3389. If you want to unlock other map features that require additional fees, continue to Step 9.

Navigate to the Navman Map Unlock Keys page (see Resources section) for a list of available map upgrades. Shop and select the map of your choosing, and arrange for payment and shipment of your new mapping software or unlock code, which you can enter into your Navman after selecting "Map Upgrades" in "Settings."