How to Unlock a Navigon 2100 Max

By Daniel Dick

The Navigon 2100 Max, a GPS system, has the power to be effectively turned into a small computer capable of running various applications. This can be done by simply using a PC and the SD card that comes with the system. After you unlock your Navigon 2100 Max, you can use it to play games and watch videos, use it as a calculator or use it to run many other applications. After unlocking, the system still can be used as a GPS system.

Step 1

Insert the SD card into your computer's card reader slot. If you do not have a card reader slot on your computer, hook the Navigon 2100 Max to your computer using the mini-USB cable. The USB cable will allow you to access the SD card inside the Navigon 2100.

Step 2

Open the file menu on the SD card on your PC. Look for a file named "autorunce.exe." Change the name of this file to "autorunec.exe."

Step 3

Download the Navigon 2100 patch onto your computer. It will download as a ZIP file.

Step 4

Open the ZIP file on your computer in a new folder to keep it all in one place. Copy all the files from the ZIP file onto the SD card.

Step 5

Eject the card from your computer if you used the card reader. Disconnect the cable if you used the mini-USB cable.

Step 6

Turn off your Navigon 2100 Max by holding the power button for 10 seconds. Put the SD card back in the Navigon 2100 if you had it in the card reader.

Turn on your Navigon 2100 Max by holding the power button again. A message will appear and tell you that you have unlocked your GPS.