How to Unlock a Motorola TracFone

By William Pullman

i Hemera Technologies/ Images

Motorola TracFone mobile phones were designed with a security lock that prevents other people from using your phone. When enabled, the phone lock restricts outgoing phone calls. The only call option available on a locked phone is emergency calls to 911. In addition, you are made aware of incoming calls, but cannot answer them. To use all of the standard calling features on the Motorola TracFone, you need to unlock the phone.

Step 1

Press any of the buttons on the phone to activate the LCD screen. A password prompt will appear on the screen.

Step 2

Enter the four-digit password using the phone's keypad. If you have not changed the password, the factory default password is "1234." You can now use all of your phone's features.

Step 3

Lock the phone again by choosing Settings > Security > Phone Lock > Lock Now or Automatic Lock. If you choose "Automatic Lock," the phone will lock when it is turned off.