How to Unlock a Mobile ZTE

By Chanel Adams

ZTE released a GSM mobile phone that has a dual SIM cardholder that lets you save even more data to your phone. It also includes a FM radio, mp3 player and camera. If you purchase the mobile ZTE phone through the mail, it may have a lock on it. This lock prevents you from using its features or using another wireless provider’s network. To unlock it, you need to obtain an International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number on your phone. From there, you can unlock your phone from your wireless provider. This is safer and cheaper alternative than unlocking your phone through a third-party website, company or forum.

Step 1

Enter the code *#06# in your phone’s keypad. Press the “SEND” button. Listen for the 15-digit IMEI number and write it down.

Step 2

Contact your cellphone provider. Ask the representative for an unlock code. Provide the representative your IMEI number.

Step 3

Remove the protective cover. Take out the battery and old SIM card. (The SIM card sits under your battery.) Remove the SIM card with your fingernail. Insert the new SIM card from your cellphone-service provider.

Step 4

Place the battery back in the phone. Replace the protective cover.

Step 5

Turn on your mobile phone. Enter the unlock code when prompted. Press the “OK” button. Your mobile phone will activate to your provider’s network.