How to Unlock a Mobile With Codes

By Kenrick Callwood

Most standard mobiles require a simple code to unlock them for use on other networks.
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All mobile phones that come from mobile service providers are "locked" unless otherwise advertised. The term "locked" means the phones are programmed to only work with a particular mobile service company. If the user tries to insert a SIM card from a different company, an error message appears and the phone will not make or receive calls. Most standard phones, advanced SmartPhones such as the iPhone are not included, use a simple process of entering a specific code to unlock the mobile. This code may be obtained from the service provider or through a company that specializes in mobile codes.

Step 1

Call your mobile service provider and request the "network control key code" or unlock code. If you explain to the provider that you wish to use your phone on vacation in another country, the company may provide the code to you. Since this code may also be used to switch providers, they are not obligated to give it to you.

Step 2

Choose an online company that specializes in mobile phone unlock codes (see Resources). Most of these companies offer a money back guarantee on their codes. Both their codes and methods are considered safe. Entering the wrong code too many times could render the phone unusable, however.

Step 3

Search for your phone model in the database. Not all phones and networks are supported on every site, but most major brands and networks are available.

Step 4

Enter your phone's IMEI number and other required information to see if an unlock code is available for your phone. The IMEI is located on a sticker behind the battery or by entering *#06# on the phone.

Step 5

Complete the order and wait for the code to be delivered via email.

Step 6

Wait for the code to arrive via email and follow the instructions to enter the unlock code into the phone. In general, users are simply required to insert a SIM card from a different mobile network and enter the provided code to unlock the phone.