How to Unlock a Mio C320

by Ben David
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The Mio C320 is a 4.3-inch widescreen automobile GPS navigation system. The device features turn-by-turn voice and visual guidance as well as a 20-channel SIRFstarIII GPS receiver. It also has a lightweight portable design and preloaded maps. Some people might be interested in unlocking this GPS device to add maps that are not included with its preloaded set.

Step 1

Connect the Mio C320 to your computer via USB port connection.

Step 2

Browse the internal Flash memory file via Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer will automatically map the flash memory files of the device when it is connected to the computer.

Step 3

Download the cracked files (see Resources) you need to replace in the device's flash memory to unlock it.

Find and replace the following files in the flash memory: miomap.exe,, license.db and These files are the "locked" files that need to be replaced. Once they are replaced with the cracked ones, the device will be unlocked.


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