How to Unlock a Magellan GPS

by Dan Harkins

Magellan's line of GPS navigation devices for the car, boat and hiking come packed with a range of features, from touchscreen map manipulation to receptivity to voice commands. Sometimes, however, your Magellan GPS unit may become locked. It could just mean that you need to upgrade your software or that your SD card is improperly seated. Or, it could be a sign of something worse.


Push on the SD card in its slot along the side of your Magellan GPS unit. It should spring out. Clean off any visible residue or dust with the tissue, then reinsert it in its slot until it's seated completely.


Turn off your device, and then turn it on again. This may unlock your device. If not, proceed to Step 3.


Connect the Magellan to an Internet-ready computer via its USB connector. Make sure both devices are powered on.


Follow the second link in the Resources section, which is a database of free software upgrades for each of Magellan's dash-mounted navigation devices. (Extra maps must be purchased.)


Click on "CrossoverGPS," "RoadMate" or "Maestro," depending on which series dash-based GPS receiver you own. If you own one of the company's outdoor devices, navigate to the second link in Resources for software supporting "eXplorist," "SporTrack," "Meridian" or "Triton" models. Click on your model.


Click on the software link under your particular model number to begin download of the latest available upgrade for your device.


Click "Download" at the bottom of the next page, after reading over the upgrades specifications. Click on the circle next to "Save File," then click "OK." Select a convenient location on your computer to save the download, then click "Save."


Double-click the icon for your upgrade once it's fully downloaded. Click "Run," select your language and follow the prompts to install the upgrade to your Magellan. These steps often unlock a Magellan device, but other problems may require the help of a technician. If you're still locked out, contact Magellan support via the fourth link in the Resources section.


  • check Download Magellan's Content Manager (at the third link in the Resources section) in the same way you just installed the software upgrade to be alerted from your desktop when future upgrades are available.

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