How to Unlock an LG Cell by IMEI Number

by Thomas McNish

Many LG phones are GSM-enabled, which means their SIM cards can be swapped out for other pre-paid or foreign GSM SIM cards. This enables you to use the network service provider of your choice, instead of having to stay with the company you're currently with. Perhaps the easiest way to unlock your phone is by obtaining an unlock code, which is unique to your phone's IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. Whether you purchase a code online or retrieve one from your network provider, IMEI unlocking can be fast and easy.

Step 1

Get your phone's IMEI number by typing "*#06#" into its keypad. The number will display on the screen. Make a note of the number and set it aside.

Step 2

Call your service provider and ask for your phone's unlock code. You'll need to give the provider your mobile number, e-mail address and IMEI number. If the provider won't give you a code, purchase one online from a site such as unlocktotalk.com, foneszone.co.uk or mobileunlocksolutions.com.

Step 3

Turn off your LG phone. Remove the phone's SIM card and replace it with a foreign or pre-paid SIM card.

Step 4

Switch your phone back on. Hit "Cancel" if a message appears, telling you that your phone is restricted.

Enter the unlock code that you received in a previous step. Your phone will now be unlocked.


  • Not all LG phones can be unlocked. The easiest way to see whether your phone can be unlocked is by removing its battery and looking to see whether there's a SIM card underneath it. If so, then your phone's probably GSM-enabled, in which case it can be unlocked.

Items you will need

  • Pre-paid or foreign GSM SIM card

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