How to Unlock Laptop BIOS

by Stephen Lilley

The BIOS on a laptop computer is the main program that runs the entire machine. It controls all of your hardware and your operating system. Unlike other Windows programs, the BIOS cannot be accessed from an icon on your hard drive or in your "Start" menu. Instead, you have to manually unlock your BIOS before Windows has a chance to load when you start your computer.


Find the keyboard key you need to press to unlock your laptop computer BIOS. This key will be printed in the instruction manual that came with your laptop. There are also charts on the Internet that will tell you the same information (see References). It is important to know this key beforehand because the time frame during which you can unlock your BIOS is limited.


Turn on your laptop computer.


Press the key you identified in "Step 1" immediately after starting your laptop. This will unlock your laptop BIOS.

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