How to Unlock a Kingston USB Flash Drive

By Shanika Chapman

Not being able to access your data when you need to can be frustrating. It is true that locking mobile storage devices, such as USB drives, with Imation Lock is an excellent way to protect your data. However, using Imation Lock with a Kingston USB drive can create problems. Learn how to unlock your Kingston USB drive so you can use it once again.

Step 1

Ensure that your Kingston USB drive has been removed from your computer's USB port. Start the Imation Lock software by double clicking the Imation Lock.

Step 2

Plug in the Kingston USB into a USB port immediately after the "Please Insert the Device or Run This Utility as Privileged User" message appears.

Step 3

Access your Kingston USB drive by clicking Start > Computer. Double click on the device.

Step 4

Start the Imation Lock software again by double clicking the Imation Lock. Disable the password protection by clicking the open lock icon.