How to Unlock iPod Volume Limit

By Kari Livingston

Unlocking your iPod volume limit is relatively simple.
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Your iPod volume can be limited, and in many instances, a PIN number will be necessary to remove the limit. If you've forgotten or misplaced your PIN, you can still unlock your iPod volume limit using your computer.

Connect your iPod to your PC. Make sure your hidden folders are visible.

Navigate to the "iPod_control" folder. This will be a hidden folder. Once you've found the "iPod_Control" folder, navigate to the "Device" folder.

Locate the file named "_volumelocked" in the "Device" folder. Delete this file.

Eject and restart your iPod.

Navigate to "Settings" on your iPod. Select "Volume Limit." You'll be able to reset your volume limit with a PIN or password.