How to Unlock iPod Volume Limit

by Kari Livingston
ear buds image by Darrell Sharpe from Fotolia.com

Your iPod volume can be limited, and in many instances, a PIN number will be necessary to remove the limit. If you've forgotten or misplaced your PIN, you can still unlock your iPod volume limit using your computer.

Step 1

Connect your iPod to your PC. Make sure your hidden folders are visible.

Step 2

Navigate to the "iPod_control" folder. This will be a hidden folder. Once you've found the "iPod_Control" folder, navigate to the "Device" folder.

Step 3

Locate the file named "_volumelocked" in the "Device" folder. Delete this file.

Step 4

Eject and restart your iPod.

Navigate to "Settings" on your iPod. Select "Volume Limit." You'll be able to reset your volume limit with a PIN or password.


  • Do not listen to your iPod at high levels for long periods of time; doing so can damage your hearing.

Items you will need

  • USB cable
  • Computer

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