How to Unlock an Internet Network

by Missy J. Talbot
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Internet networks are typically locked. Both wired and wireless networks can be locked by the company that sets up the Internet service or by the person who owns or pays for the service. When a network is locked, you’ll see a small padlock next to its name on your list of available connections. In order to use the network legally, you’ll need to unlock it first.

Step 1

Click on the network as it appears in your available network list or in your list of possible connections. To bring up a list of the networks, click on "My Networks," "Available Internet Networks" or "Wireless Networks" in your lower system tray.

Step 2

Click “Connect” when prompted.

Enter the password or network key when your computer asks for it. The password or network key is established when the network is set up, either by you or your Internet service provider. If you do not have the password or network key, contact your ISP and request it. Click “OK” when you have entered the network key or password. If the number is correct, the network unlocks and you are able to access the Internet.


  • This is the only way to legally unlock a network so you can use it.


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