How to Unlock Your Internet Filter

By Lauren Farrelly

Unblocking your internet filter can be tricky.
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Internet filters are designed to block access to certain websites. Internet filters are commonly used at schools and workplaces to block access to social networking sites, pornography or betting/gambling sites. In addition, parents can install internet filters on home computers to keep their children from accessing similar sites. However, you can unblock these filters from a computer by changing a few options on the internet settings. Be aware that in some instances, these settings are blocked from being changed by a password and/or a certain user (perhaps an IT professional) who may be the only one with authority to change the settings.

Step 1

Connect to the internet and do a simple search using a search engine (ie: Google, Yahoo or Bing) for "Proxy List."

Step 2

Connect to any of the pages your search turns up and look for various Proxy downloads. Be aware of any that are listed as Anonymous sources, as these may be dangerous downloads and contain viruses.

Step 3

In the toolbar at the top of your internet operating system, navigate to the “Tools” button, then the “Options” button. Select "Advanced" and then "Network." A new window will open, and under the "Connection" tab, select the "Settings" tab. Locate the "Manual Proxy Configuration" tab.

Step 4

Copy the IP address (a set of numbers like from the proxy list you downloaded, and paste it into the “Address:” box inside the "Manual Proxy Configuration" tab. In addition, a port number is associated with each IP address. Copy the port number from the proxy list you downloaded that is associated with the IP address you are using and place it in the "Port:" box. Click "OK" and the new settings will take effect.