How to Unlock a Hotbird Satellite Receiver

By Eoghan McCloskey

Unlock a Hotbird Satellite Receiver
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Satellite receivers are used by satellite TV providers like Dish Network and DIRECTV to receive a signal from an orbiting satellite and convert it into a signal that your TV can deliver as watchable programming. When you contract with a satellite provider for satellite TV service, you are often given the option of whether or not you wish to lease the satellite receiver from the provider for a monthly charge or to purchase the receiver outright so that you can continue to use it with other providers upon termination of your service agreement. If you are in possession of a satellite receiver that was installed for use with your Hotbird satellite TV service, you can "unlock" it for use with other providers using a very simple procedure.

Contact the satellite provider for which you wish to contract for new satellite service and ask if the Hotbird satellite receiver is compatible with their service. Compatibility depends on numerous different factors associated with the satellite provider in question, the exact type of service to be installed, the network topology used in your geographic location and others. If the Hotbird receiver is not compatible with your new satellite service, the entire process will be a huge waste of time, so this is quite a necessary first step.

Attach the coaxial cable that is coming out of your existing coaxial cable outlet to the coaxial input on your Hotbird satellite receiver. Screw on the coaxial connector until it does not tighten by hand any longer.

Contact your new satellite provider and have their service installed in your home if it is not already. Your new provider will likely need to send an installation technician to your home to install all the non-receiver equipment that is needed to use their satellite service. They will likely additionally need to send authorization and activation signals to the Hotbird receiver. Once authorized for use, the receiver is ready to be used with your new satellite service.