How to Unlock the Gateway NV79 Laptop Cursor

by Mike Benson

While your Gateway NV79 laptop has a touchpad to enable computer navigation while you're on the go, it also provides the ability to use a USB mouse. If someone has connected a mouse to your laptop, he may have disabled the touchpad. If he left you without a mouse, your cursor will be locked in place on the screen whenever you attempt to use the touchpad. Fortunately you can re-enable the touchpad using only your keyboard; however, connecting a USB mouse to your laptop will make the process easier.


Press the “Windows” button on your keyboard to display the Start menu. Type “Main.cpl” in the Search Programs and Files field and press “Enter.” This opens a Mouse Properties window on your screen.


Click the Device Settings tab if you have a mouse. If not, press the “Tab” key once to highlight the Buttons tab and then press the “right arrow” key to navigate to the Device Settings tab.


Press the “Tab” key to highlight the “Enable” button and press “Enter.” If using a mouse, simply click the “Enable” button.


Press “Tab” to highlight “Yes” on the confirmation dialogue and press “Enter.” If you are using a mouse, click the “Yes” button. The touchpad should now be unlocked.


Click the “Apply” and “OK” buttons to save and close.

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