How to Unlock a Galaxy S if You Forgot Your Password

by Jane Williams
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The Samsung Galaxy S series of smartphones allows you to lock your phone's screen to prevent accidental touches or unauthorized prying eyes. Unfortunately this security feature can thwart even your access should you forget your unlock code. Repeated unsuccessful attempts allow you to enter your Gmail account name and password under the “Forgot Password” option, but this workaround may not work. To regain access to your Galaxy S series phone, you'll need to perform a hard reset, which will return the phone to factory default settings and erase all your personal data.

Step 1

Remove the battery to power the phone off. Performing a hard reset requires the phone to be off to start, and the Power button may not work if your phone is locked. Remove the back cover, pull the battery out and re-insert it after waiting 30 seconds.

Step 2

Press and hold the “Power,” “Volume Up” and “Home/Menu” buttons at the same time. Release the “Power” key as the phone boots but continue holding the “Volume Up” and “Home/Menu” buttons.

Step 3

Release the “Volume Up” and “Home/Menu” buttons once the recovery menu appears. Use the “Volume Down” key to navigate through the menu.

Step 4

Select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” and press the “Power” key to confirm your selection. Press the “Volume Down” key to highlight “Delete All User Data” and press the “Power” key to select. You may be asked if you're sure you'd like to proceed; use the “Volume Down” key to highlight “Yes” and press the “Power” key.

Reboot the phone once the reset is complete. Once the phone finishes resetting, you'll see a new menu. Select “Reboot System Now” with the “Volume Down” key and press the “Power” key to confirm.


  • Resetting a Galaxy S series phone to factory default wipes all your personal data from the phone's internal memory. All information saved to your microSD card remains intact.
  • Back up your phone regularly in case you need to reset so you don't lose important information.


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