How to Unlock a Fido Cell Phone

By Shelley Smith

Fido is a Canadian cellphone company owned by Rogers Communications. Fido is a no contract cell phone service provider that prides itself on offering low prices, large coverage areas, and many cell phone hardware choices.

To unlock the Fido cellphone requires an IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. This IMEI number is unique to every cellphone sold by Fido.

Secure the IMEI number from your Fido cellphone by inputting #06# from your cellphone keypad. Your IMEI will automatically display once you input the #06#. This is true with most cellphones, but if it does not work with your specific model, contact your cellphone service provider and request your IMEI number.

Remove the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card of the original cell phone service provider and replace it with another SIM card from a different carrier if your Fido cellphone uses a SIM card. Enter the IMEI number with the new SIM card placed in the cellphone. If you have a smartphone, you will not have a SIM card, so this step is not required.

Purchase the Fido IMEI unlocking code if you cannot locate your IMEI number. Please see some choices to buy the IMEI number for Fido cellphones in the references section of this article.

Input the IMEI number using your cellphone keypad and follow the prompts to unlock your Fido cellphone. Power down the cellphone once the phone is unlocked, then power the cellphone back up. Once you power the phone up, it is officially unlocked.