How to Unlock an Excel Password

by Ricky Gee

Microsoft Excel is a popular spreadsheet application that comes with the Microsoft Office software suite. It is possible to protect your Excel documents internally with a password. These protected files cannot be edited unless the password is entered. If you wish to unlock an Excel file that has been password protected, use a macro that reports a usable password string.


Download an Excel macro designed to unlock passwords.


Double-click "allinternalpasswords.xls" to open the macro. The workbook itself is hidden and the macro displays a toolbar.


Click the "File" menu and click "Open ..." to open the workbook that you wish to unlock.


Click the button on the toolbar to unlock the password. The macro provides you with a password that will work in the locked workbook.


Enter the provided password in order to unlock the workbook.


  • Unlocking an Excel file that you do not own may be illegal. Only unlock Excel documents when you have forgotten your password or are instructed to do so.
  • A macro is a set of commands that carry out an automated task.
  • The macro does not provide you with the original password, but one that will work in the locked workbook.


  • Excel files that require a password upon opening cannot be unlocked with the macro.

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