How to Unlock a Cincinnati Bell Wireless Phone

By Kenneth W. Michael Wills

Cincinnati Bell Wireless provides cellular communication service throughout Ohio and neighboring states. Customers purchasing a phone through the company will find the phone is locked to the network, if they want to move services to another company. Cincinnati Bell Wireless operates with GSM technology, which means you cannot put another SIM card in the phone without unlocking the phone from the Cincinnati Bell network. You will need to secure the code before you can use the phone with another service.

Contact Cincinnati Bell Wireless customer service from another phone by dialing 1-888-391-3925. Ask to speak with a customer-service representative.

Inform the representative you need to switch service providers and need the correct code to unlock your phone from the network. You do not need to specify a reason. Keep in mind that Cincinnati Bell does not have to release the code, but generally, if you are moving to another location not covered by Cincinnati Bell, the company will release the code.

Give the representative the make and model of your phone, along with the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. You can obtain your IMEI number by pressing #06#. The representative will retrieve and divulge the unlock code.

Put the SIM card from your new provider into your phone and turn it on. The screen will automatically ask for the unlock code. Input the code to unlock it, and your can begin using the phone.