How to Unlock a Cell Phone With a Password

By April Khan

Unlocking a handset is often used to make any GSM phone work with any GSM network. Phones generally come pre-programmed by the manufacturer to work only on certain networks. These phones are called “locked” phones. GSM carriers supply phones that work by using a SIM card. If you unlock a phone, you can use the SIM card of another provider in your phone.

Obtaining the Password

Step 1

Remove the back cover and battery from your cell phone. Write down the number that’s printed on the small, white data chip in your phone. This is called the Subscriber Identity Module, or SIM, card.

Step 2

Jot down the numbers that are printed on the IMEI sticker. This is a silver sticker that's usually located under your battery. Replace the battery and cover but not the SIM card.

Go to a website, such as, to obtain a free unlock code. You will have to select your phone’s make and model to proceed and then enter your phone’s IMEI number. You may also be asked to put in your payment details as this service usually comes with a fee.

Unlocking the Handset

Step 1

Switch your handset on. You’ll receive a message on your screen that says “Insert SIM.” Do not insert your SIM card. Instead enter the code that was generated for you.

Step 2

When you see the message that says “SIM Restriction off,” your phone has been unlocked.

Turn your phone off and remove the back cover and battery. Replace the SIM card that you’ve taken out or insert your new SIM card. Replace the back cover and battery.