How to Unlock Apple iPad Wi-Fi

By Todd Bowerman

Many iPad apps require Internet access for full functionality.
i Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Apple iPad relies on a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet for many tasks, and though some models do support 3G connections while on the go, most rely on Wi-Fi while at home or in the office in order to minimize data usage and guarantee high speeds. If you are attempting to connect to Wi-Fi on your iPad and the network has a lock next to it, you will need to either log in with a password or disable the lock from your router’s control panel.

Log In With Lock

Step 1

Touch the “Settings” icon on your iPad tablet.

Step 2

Tap “Wi-Fi.” Select your network.

Step 3

Enter the correct network password and tap “Join.”

Disable Lock in Router Settings

Step 1

Open a Web browser on a PC or Mac that is already connected to the locked network.

Step 2

Enter the default address for the router control panel (see link in Resources). Type the administrator username and password to access the control panel.

Step 3

Open the “Wireless” or “Wi-Fi” section of the control panel and disable WPA protection. This will make the network completely open, removing the lock icon on the iPad.

Step 4

Save your changes and exit.