How to Unlock an Airtel SIM Card

By Chanel Adams

You need to unlock your Airtel SIM card in order to use your phone.
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There may be a time when you need to unlock your Airtel SIM card. You need to unlock the code on your SIM card in order to unlock your cell phone. What that card contains is an IMEI code you need to unlock your Airtel cell phone. With the IMEI code, your cell phone provider will give you the unlock code. Once you have your unlock code, you are able to make phone calls, send text messages or surf the web with your Airtel phone.

Step 1

Push and slide up the protective cover from the back of your phone. Remove the battery and SIM card. Read the IMEI code on your SIM card.

Step 2

Write down the IMEI code. Place the battery and SIM card back where they belonged. Slide the protective cover back on your Airtel phone.

Step 3

Contact your cell phone provider. Ask them for the unlock code. Provide them with the IMEI code, the model and manufacturer of your cell phone and your cell phone number.

Step 4

Tell them your account information. To verify that you are the owner of your cell phone, provide your account number, your street address and the last four digits of your Social Security number.

Step 5

Enter the unlock code into your Airtel phone. Click the "OK/Menu" button. You should now be able to use your phone.