Do I Have Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile With Verizon?

By Gisela Chavez

Verizon customers can talk to each other for free over their 4G network.
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Constantly checking minutes, screening phone calls and exceeding allotted talk time are constant headaches for cellphone users. Certain cellphone providers, however, offer customers the option of talking for free to other people without worrying about minutes. Verizon Wireless' mobile-to-mobile allows customers to speak to each other without the stress of exceeding their monthly minutes allowance.

Mobile-to-Mobile Calling

Mobile-to-mobile is a Verizon feature that allows you to talk to other Verizon customers at any time of day or night for an unlimited amount of time without cost and without using your minutes. You can use Verizon's website to find out if a number you are calling is a part of the Verizon network. (Under the "Mobile to Mobile Calling" tab of the "Why Verizon?" section of Verizon's homepage.) Mobile-to-mobile also works within family plans. For example, if a mother, father and daughter are all on the same family plan, they can speak to each other for free.

Mobile-to-Mobile Messaging

Verizon also offers customers mobile-to-mobile messaging. Mobile-to-mobile messaging allows you to send and receive text messages to and from other Verizon users without using your text-message allowance. There is no limit to the number of messages you can send and receive.

Friends and Family

Verizon's Friends and Family plan allows you to extend your unlimited calling options. You can select up to 10 numbers to add to your unlimited calling network. The phone numbers may be landlines or cellphones from other providers. You can speak to these designated numbers at any time without using minutes.

Signing Up

To receive the mobile-to-mobile calling plan, you must have a Verizon nationwide calling plan. This usually requires a minimum contract of two years. The mobile-to-mobile messaging service is provided with a minimum monthly text messaging plan of 500 out-of-network (non-Verizon customer) messages. The Friends and Family plan allows you to select up to five other numbers to add to your unlimited network if you have an individual calling plan. If you have a family plan, you can select up to 10 numbers to share between all the lines.