How to Get Unlimited 3G Internet on Your iPod Touch

By Candice Abrams

3G is favorable over Wi-Fi, which requires you to connect to a hotspot.
i Todd Warnock/Lifesize/Getty Images

Third-generation (3G) provides your iPod Touch with broadband speeds. Surf the Web, watch videos, download music and attend conferences on your iPod Touch. If your current mobile provider offers this type of service, ask about adding it to your current plan. Let the representative know that you want to use this service on your iPod Touch instead of your mobile device. Also find out if the plan is compatible with your device.

Step 1

Call your mobile provider. Tell the representative that you would like to get on an unlimited 3G plan.

Step 2

Provide your account information. You will need to give your name, street address, mobile number and last four digits of your Social Security Number.

Step 3

Ask for the cost for the unlimited 3G plan and what the plan includes.

Step 4

Compare the plan with plans from other mobile providers. Choose the one that has the best cost for your budget and needs.

Step 5

Sign the contract. Contracts may last from one to two years. The longer the contract is, the lower the plan will be.