How to Unjailbreak an iPhone Using Restore

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Jailbreaking an iPhone involves a software download that opens the iPhone for use with apps that are not approved by Apple for the device. If the iPhone runs slower or erratically, or if you decide to sell the device, you can unjailbreak the phone using the Restore function in iTunes on your computer to return your iPhone to its original factory condition. During a restore, all your data, files and music are erased from the device, so it is important to make a backup of your files. An Internet connection is required during the restore process.

Step 1

Connect the iPhone to your computer using the USB connector cable that came with the device.

Step 2

Select the name of the iPhone in the left navigation panel of iTunes under "Devices."

Step 3

Click on the "Summary" tab from the main iTunes window.

Step 4

Click "Restore." When iTunes asks if you would want to back up your iPhone before restoring the software, click "Back Up." When prompted, confirm the restore by clicking "Restore."

Step 5

Wait until the restore process is complete. The iPhone restarts and displays the Apple logo.

Step 6

Keep your iPhone connected to the computer until you see the "Connect to iTunes" screen disappear or until you see the "iPhone is activated" message on the iPhone.

Select "Restore from the backup..." to copy all your music, files and all data to the iPhone. Jailbroken apps do not transfer to the iPhone. The phone is now unjailbroken.


  • For a complete restore, on your iphone, Tap Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Contents and Settings
  • This will remove ALL files and media from your phone. So be careful if you choose to do this!
  • You may notice your phone performing much faster after unjailbreaking!

Items you will need

  • jailbroken iphone
  • apple itunes

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