How to Uninstall Windows XP Without a CD

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Windows XP was released by Microsoft in two different versions: Home and Professional. XP Home Edition was created for the average computer user, while XP Professional Edition was designed with IT workers in mind. Both the Home and Professional editions of Windows XP can be uninstalled from a computer without the need for a Windows XP CD.

Step 1

Turn on your computer to start Windows XP. Log into your Windows XP account after the operating system boots and allow the desktop to load.

Step 2

Click the Windows "Start" button, located at the very bottom left hand side of the desktop. Click the "Control Panel" button in the menu that pops up above the start button.

Step 3

Double-click the "Add or Remove Programs" icon located in the new window that appears. Click on the "Windows XP Uninstall" button in the "Change or Remove Programs" window, and click the "Change/Remove" button that appears.

Select the button labeled "Uninstall Windows XP." Click the "Yes" option on the warning prompt that appears to initiate the removal of Windows XP. The computer will systematically remove Windows XP, and restart using the operating system that was installed prior to Windows XP.


  • Files and folders that you have created using Windows XP will be erased during the uninstallation. Backup these files to ensure that they are not permanently deleted.
  • If Windows XP was the only operating system installed on your computer, there will not be an operating system on the computer after removing XP.


  • Windows XP can be upgraded to a newer version of Windows without uninstalling XP. Insert the disk for your new operating system and Windows will guide you through the upgrade process.


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