How to Uninstall Webroot Completely From PC

by Vanessa Padgalskas

Webroot is an anti-virus program for PCs. Webroot sells many varieties of software, including an Internet security program that protects against phishing, hackers and spyware. You can purchase Webroot in a yearly membership. After your membership expires, you may want to uninstall the program if you do not want to renew. Uninstalling Webroot is a simple process.

Uninstall Webroots on Windows 2000 and XP

Click on "Start" in the lower left corner of your desktop, select "Control Panel," and double-click on "Add and Remove Programs."

Go to the bottom of the program list until you see "Webroots;" then select it.

Click "Remove" to uninstall Webroots.

Reboot your computer when Webroots has been uninstalled.

Uninstall Webroots for Windows 7 and Vista

Click on "Start" in the lower left corner of your desktop; then select "Control Panel."

Click on "Uninstall a Program" or "Programs and Features." Either option may appear, depending on which version of Windows you have.

Search the programs list for "Webroot;" then select it.

Click "Uninstall," and wait for the uninstall process to finish.

Restart your computer.

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