How to Uninstall & Reinstall McAfee Security System

By VictorE

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Now and then a firewall security program will start troubles for your computer. To combat this problem, you’ll have to uninstall McAfee Security Center. The McAfee Security Center is a very significant element of the computer’s anti-virus protection. Keep in mind that even if the system is corrupted, you must uninstall then reinstall the software.

Step 1

Open the McAfee Security Center file in the program files folder, which is located in Explorer. Find the C:\program files\\agent\app. Delete each of the files found inside of the folder. If you’re unable to locate the McAfee application, just input \"mcafee\" into the “Search” option under the Explorer toolbar. Click \"Add and Remove Programs\" located in the control panel. Select \"McAfee Security Center\" then choose \"Remove.\"

Step 2

Shut down each open program then restart the computer. It will reboot then perform a quick systems check. Insert the McAfee Security Center CD to reinstall the software. Choose \"Start\" located on the lower left-hand corner found on the desktop. Select the “Computer” tab. Choose the search bar located on top of the menu box.

Step 3

Input \"McAfee\" then hit \"Enter.\" The featured list will be in the search box. It will include the McAfee Security Center software program. Select \"Add and Remove Programs\" located on the left of the menu box. Choose \"McAfee Security Center.\"

Step 4

Select \"Remove\" when you’re prompted and click \"McAfee Security Center.\" Hit \"Reinstall.\" Choose \"OK\" then select \"Finish.\" Allow the program to reinstall, then restart the computer.