How to Uninstall Powershell

by Jamie Lisse

Powershell is a Microsoft Windows script language and command line shell that is used to automate the administration of applications on the network, including Microsoft Windows. If you get Windows Server 2008, you will find that Powershell is already installed on the server. You can also end up with Powershell installed from a Windows service pack update. If you find that you have Powershell on your computer, you can uninstall it if you do not want it.

Power on your computer if it is not already on. If you any programs open on the computer, close them.

Click "Start" and select "Run." Type "appwiz.cpl" in the box, and click "OK."

Put a check mark in the "Show updates" box. Clicking on the empty box will put the check mark in it.

Look in the "Currently installed programs" list. If you have Windows XP, select "Windows PowerShell(TM) 1.0," and click "Remove." If you have Windows Server, you will be looking for a line that begins with "Hotfix for Windows Server 2003," and is followed by one of the following numbers in parenthesis: KB926139, KB926140 or KB926141. Click the line that you have on your system, and click "Remove."

Read the instructions that will pop up on your screen after clicking remove. Follow the directions that appear, and you will have uninstalled Powershell from your computer. Reboot the system once you are done.

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