How to Uninstall Netgear Wireless Router

By C. Taylor

The initial installation of your Netgear wireless router was comprised of a hardware and an optional software element. To fully uninstall your Netgear wireless router, you need to remove both of these. To remove the hardware, bypass the physical router so your computer connects directly to your Internet service provider's modem. Windows 7's Programs and Features can remove the Netgear software. However, this software is not required for proper router installation or setup, so this software may not have been installed, and therefore, it may not require removal.


Step 1

Unplug the Ethernet cable from the isolated port on the back of your Netgear wireless router. This port is usually colored yellow or set apart from the four numbered ports that are used for wired connections. If any computer makes a wired connection to the router via one of these ports, disconnect the Ethernet cables between the router and each computer.

Step 2

Plug the Ethernet cable from the modem directly to the Ethernet port on your computer to retain Internet connectivity on that single computer.

Unplug the Netgear wireless router from the wall outlet to complete hardware uninstallation.


Step 1

Click "Start | Control Panel | Programs | Programs and Features."

Step 2

Click the "Netgear" software from the list of installed programs. If you cannot find this software in the list, it might not have been installed initially.

Click "Uninstall" from the top toolbar and click "Yes" to the confirmation dialog to uninstall the Netgear software.