How to Uninstall Games on My Mac

By Stephen Lilley

You can play Windows games on a Mac.
i Ciaran Griffin/Lifesize/Getty Images

If you've installed a game on your Mac computer that you no longer play or were just generally unhappy with, you can uninstall that game in just a couple of minutes. This frees up space on the hard drive of your Mac desktop or laptop, which makes room for more files or even more games. The uninstall process is similar to the process you would go through to remove a game from a Windows computer.

Step 1

Open the icon for your computer's hard drive on your Mac OS X desktop.

Step 2

Select "Applications" to view a list of all installed applications on your computer. Your games will be among the programs listed.

Step 3

Click the icon for the game you want to uninstall. Drag the icon over top of the "Trash" icon on the Dock at the bottom of your screen. Release the game icon into the "Trash" icon.

Step 4

Click "Finder" at the top of your screen, followed by "Empty Trash..." to finish the removal of the game from your Mac computer.