What is Uninstall Error 1603?

by Fred Flanders

The message "Error 1603" is a general error code displayed when there is an issue with the Microsoft Windows Installer. Generally this error occurs when the user is trying to install a software program.

Known Causes

A number of known causes and problems will generate the "Error 1603" code. The error code can occur when a user or administrator has short file name creation disabled, an Install Script causes a conflict, a file is locked, the Windows Installer is not installed correctly, the Windows Temp folder is at capacity, setup is corrupted, an outdated version of Install Shield Developer is in use or if the Print and File sharing controls are disabled.

Avoiding the Error

Various fixes can be performed to limit this error message from being generated. The fixes include enabling short name file creation, ensuring that Windows Installer is properly installed, deleting temporary systems files and closing other running applications, such as virus protection.

Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

Windows offers a program called the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility that can be used to go through, remove and clean up data left behind by previously installed and uninstalled applications. The more programs that are installed on a system means that there will be more installation files as well, so it is important to run the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility to prevent future conflicts.

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