How to Uninstall Downloaded Program Files

by Jeva Anand

There are thousands of freeware, shareware and trial-ware programs available for download over your broadband Internet connection. So it's not very difficult to max out your computer hard disk with programs you have loved and left. What's worse, some of those programs may keep running in the background using up your PC's memory and slowing it down.

The good news is that uninstalling program files you have downloaded from the Internet is very easy. You can do it in a matter of minutes, and you do not need any specialized knowledge.

Click the Windows icon to open the "Start" menu.

Select "Control Panel." The "Control Panel" window will appear.

Click the "Uninstall a Program" link next to the "Programs" icon. This will launch a list of all programs on your system.

Select the program you want to uninstall. The "Uninstall" button will now appear above the programs list. Click this button to uninstall the program. You can also double-click the program to uninstall it.

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