How to Uninstall DirectX

by Mikhail Polenin

DirectX is an application programming interface (API) for Windows primarily focused on graphical acceleration and 3-dimensional rendering. Its application is mainly for games and other rendering applications. Sometimes you might get a message telling you that DirectX needs to be upgraded, but your current version of DirectX might be giving you issues with doing this. In such a case, uninstalling DirectX might be useful for the sake of being able to install it again.

Open your Start menu and click "Run." You can also do the same thing by holding down the key on your keyboard with a Windows icon and pressing the "R" key (Win+R).

Write "regedit" in the box and click "OK." This will open the registry editor.

Navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\DirectX" using the navigation panel on the left side of your window.

Right-click on the "DirectX" folder icon and click "Delete." If you are asked whether you are sure you want to delete the key, click "Yes."

Close the registry editor and restart your computer. The version of DirectX that came with your computer will be installed fresh and it will be able to be upgraded easily. This should fix any problem you might have had while trying to upgrade DirectX previously.


  • check Do not download any third-party software that claims to uninstall DirectX. The most surefire way of uninstalling it is using the above method. If you download third-party uninstallers, you risk the chance of getting malware onto your computer. This is not to say that there is nothing out there which can solve your issue, but following these steps will waste much less time than hunting for a working uninstaller.

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