How to Uninstall an App on a Kindle Fire

by Nick Peers

You can install various free and premium apps on the Kindle Fire using the Amazon Appstore. If your Kindle's performance has decreased and you think you have too many apps installed, you can quickly uninstall apps you don't need. You'll lose all data, as well as all custom settings, associated with the app when you uninstall it. You can reinstall both free and premium apps later if you need them.


Tap "Apps" from the home screen and then tap "Device" to view all apps that have been downloaded and installed on the Kindle Fire.


Tap and hold the app you want to uninstall and then tap the "Remove from Device" option.


Tap "OK" to confirm the action and uninstall the app.


  • check Apps are stored in the Apps library, so you can easily download and install them later using the Cloud tab.
  • check If you want to remove the app permanently from your Amazon account, you must navigate to the Your Apps section of the account using a Web browser and then choose "Delete this App" from the Actions menu at the right of the app you want to remove.


  • close If you remove an app from the Your Apps section of the Amazon account and need to reinstall it later, you'll need to repurchase the app.

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