How to Uninstall AOL

By Nadine Ali

AOL (formerly America Online) was one of the first internet service providers (ISPs) to emerge in the early 1990s. AOL's "walled garden" approach to the World Wide Web limited users to certain material and restricted access to content outside of the garden's "walls." According to Information Week, this made AOL a useful beginner's introduction to the Internet, but experienced users were largely critical of the restrictions. In August 2006, competing with free services such as Yahoo! and Hotmail, AOL announced the company's decision to make email accounts and software free for members.

Windows Uninstall

Open the "Start" menu and click on "Control Panel", then "Add or Remove Programs."

Select the AOL application you would like to remove, such as "AOL 9.1", and click to highlight it. Click "Change/Remove."

Click "Next" when prompted to continue and "Finish" when the uninstall is complete.

Using AOL Uninstaller

Open the "Start" menu and click on "Control Panel", then "Add or Remove Programs."

Scroll through the list of programs and select "AOL Uninstaller." Click "Change/Remove." When the "AOL Uninstaller" prompt appears, click "Yes" to continue. A new window listing all currently installed AOL applications will appear.

Click an application to select it for removal. To remove all files and applications associated with AOL, select all the applications, then click "Uninstall." When prompted to continue, click "Yes."

Uninstall AOL on a Mac

Open the "Go" menu in the menu bar at the top of the screen and scroll down to "Applications."

Locate the AOL application and grab it by holding down the left mouse button on the icon. Drag the icon to the trash basket.

Open the "Finder" menu and select "Empty Trash" to remove the program entirely.