How to Uninstall Alert.dll From Conduit

By C.D. Crowder

If your computer is running slowly, you might have noticed alert.dll listed under Processes in your Task Manager. You're right in thinking this isn't a normal Windows process. In fact, it's associated with Conduit. Conduit is often installed silently with other programs. Even though it's not listed as malware, it hijacks your browser's search function and runs in the background. The alert.dll process is used to send information back to Conduit about your computer and Internet usage. Removing this file is part of removing Conduit from your system.

Step 1

Open a File Explorer window and navigate to the following location: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Conduit\Community Alerts\” without quotes.

Step 2

Select the “alert.dll” file and delete it.

Step 3

Open your Recycle Bin and empty it to completely delete the file. The Recycle Bin is on the Desktop view in Windows by default.

Step 4

Open your system's registry. The second part of alert.dll is stored in your registry.

To open the registry, press "Windows-R” to open the Run command. Type “regedit.exe” (without quotes) and press “OK.”

Step 5

Navigate to the following registry key: “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432Node\CLSID{3c471948-f874-49f5-b338-4f214a2ee0b1}\InprocServer32” without quotes.

Find the value titled “Default” in the right pane. Highlight it and press “Delete.”