How to Find Unidentified Phone Calls

By Greyson Ferguson

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You most likely have experienced a time when a mysterious number appears on your caller ID, but you have no idea who it is. So you let the phone ring to see if they leave a message, and if the individual doesn't, you have no idea who the call is from. Luckily, there is a way to track down the information regarding the unidentified phone call and hopefully find out who made it.

Step 1

Launch your Internet browser and navigate to "" White pages allows you to look up numbers when you don't know the names of the people calling you.

Step 2

Type in the phone number under "Reverse Lookup." Click "Find" and a new page loads on your Internet browser.

Step 3

Look at the page that loads. If the number is a public number (such as a land-line) it shows the city the cell is from, the name of the person or company the phone belongs to, and the address. For cell phone numbers it shows the city.

Step 4

Select "Records Available!" next to the cell phone information. Here you can obtain the person's name, address (even email address) and other information. However, for this service you do need to pay. Depending on the information, the usual fee is around $10 for each look up.