Uniden Scanner Instructions

by Dan Harkins

The Uniden series of personal scanners provides operations for anyone attempting to monitor a field of frequencies, from police reports and paramedics to hobbyists and truck drivers. Most models of Uniden scanners incorporate conventional and simple scanning modes, as well as a "trunk system" that allows the user to scan trunked channels. This allows several transmitters to broadcast in turn. Follow these steps to listen in.

Press the power button on your scanner for a few seconds to turn it on.

Press, but don't hold, the "Scroll Control" knob. This will display your volume level and a number/location for the frequency that the scanner is receiving.

Set the volume by turning the "Scroll Control" knob. The volume level disappears in about 10 seconds. You can access it later by pressing the knob again.

Press "Scroll Control" once. A number for your squelch level will appear. Turn the "Scroll Control" to experiment with different levels. Again, you can access this feature later by tapping the knob until it appears.

Tap "Scan" and the scanner will start searching.

Users also can program special frequency groups to scan and activate trunking ID technology by following steps provided in the owner's manual.

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